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What is Jet Plasma Treatment?

Jet plasma treatment is the technology used to tighten, brighten, rejuvenate, and lift the skin structure by stimulating collagen production and remodeling the cellular structure from the inside out.

Jet plasma treatment

It’s a non-surgical, non-invasive, painless, quick technique with long-term effects.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is nothing but one of the four fundamental states of matter formed through the ionization of atmospheric gases.

Plasma is composed of Ions and electrons created by the separation of electrons from the electron shell of gas atoms or molecule rupture called the process of ionization.

How Jet Plasma Treatment Works?

Jet plasma treatment uses the power of Plasma. The device used for the technique is called a Jet plasma pen. Jet plasma pain is a handheld low-temperature device that uses 300 volts of DC current. It is suitable for both the face and the body.

It stimulates high levels of collagen production and remodels the cellular structure from within. It works by contracting keen fibers stimulating collagen and fibroblast activity and penetrating the term layer to remodel the skin. This process removes surplus tissue generates hits and effectively tightens the skin by boosting college production.

The effects of Jet plasma treatment are seen immediately in the form of skin tightening and wrinkle improvements. The continuous plasma flow of the device causes scanning motion over the skin. After combining with oxide-oxygen, it produces ozone, eliminating surface bacteria and reducing inflammation. Thus it does not cause skin trauma.

How much time is required to see results?

A single session of treatment takes around 15 minutes. Improvement in the skin is seen just after the Jett plasma treatment. Collagen regeneration continues for 6 to 8 weeks. Optimal results are seen between 2 to 3 months. For better results, 3 cycles of treatment spaced between two days to one week with a monthly maintenance cycle are desired.

facial rejuvenation using Plasma Pen

How long does the effect of Jet Plasma treatment last?

The effects of Jett plasma treatment last for years if monthly follow-up treatments are taken.

Who should get jet plasma treatment?

Jet plasma treatment can be taken by everyone. Jet plasma revitalization treatment can be taken by people with all skin types and Fitzpatrick levels.

Still, there are a few exceptions like a pregnant mother, a patient with a pacemaker, epileptic and cancer patients, and the patient who has received botox or filler.

Who should not get the Jet Plasma Treatment?

Pregnant mothers, patients with a pacemaker, epileptic and cancer patients, and a patient who has received botox or filler should not get the Jett plasma treatment.

Benefits of Jet Plasma Treatment

Jet plasma treatment has a lot of long-lasting benefits like following :

  1. Anti-aging – Jet plasma is the most popular, painless, side effect-free, and quick procedure used to achieve a younger look of facial skin.
  2. Skin Regeneration and Tightening – A single cycle of jet plasma treatment increases skin density by around 15%.
  3. Pigmentation reduction and Skin fairness – Jet plasma treatment reduces melanin production which is responsible for skin pigmentation.
  4. Acne Prevention and Treatment – Jet plasma treatment reduces oil production and reduces bacteria from the skin. These two factors are the main culprits for acne production. Thus jet plasma treatment helps in acne management.
  5. Reduction in acne-scarring
  6. Blepharoplasty: Eye lead lifting
  7. Reduction in stretch marks and loss of skin
  8. Rejuvenation of Hand, Neck, and Hair
  9. Removal of skin tags, fibroma, and Warts
  10. Reduction in symptoms of Eczema and psoriasis

Side Effects of Jet Plasma Treatment

Jett plasma treatment is usually safe but in a few cases, it may have the following side effects.

  • Inflammation and Redness of the treated area
  • Trust or small cab formation at the treated area

The above side effects are of mild to moderate severity. They will subside within a week or two. One should avoid the removal of the formed scab and should avoid makeup over the treated area for a few days.

Cost of the Jet Plasma Treatment

Jet plasma treatment may cause different at different places. Its cost is approximately 200 to 300 dollars per cycle in the United States. But it’s always better to enquire about the total cost before starting the treatment

Facial skin treatment of a lying lady in clinic

Care after Jet Plasma Treatment?

Do not apply anything over the treated area at least for 12 hours. Avoid makeup and any treatment like a steam. It’s advisable to avoid exercise involving the treated body part.

If you are interested in more knowledge about other different modalities of Skin anti-aging strategies. Then you can click here for a detailed study published in the authorized website of the United States Government- the National Institute of Health (NIH). PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) under eye treatment is another one of the most popular therapies for looking younger.

Is jet plasma treatment worth it?

Jet plasma treatment is very effective in reducing pigmentation, correction of skin Eczema, and reducing skin laxity.

What are the risks of jet plasma?

It can cause skin irritation and redness.

How many cycles of jet plasma treatment are to be taken?

At least three cycles of jet plasma treatment spaced at intervals of 2 days to a week should be taken for better and long-lasting effects.

Is Jet Plasma Treatment Painful?

Jet Plasma treatment is very minimally painful.

Which body areas get covered under Jet Plasma Treatment?

Any body part can be covered under this procedure. But it’s most commonly done for the face.

How much time is required for the procedure?

It takes 15 minutes for the procedure. But Overall cycle time may be up to 1 hour including preparation and other readiness.

Is Jet plasma treatment permanent?

The results of Jet plasma treatment are permanent, but effects may start decreasing after 4-5 years because of the aging process.

Is plasma better than Botox?

The effects of plasma treatment last for years as compared to botox. Also, it is much safer than Botox.

Does plasma really work?

Jet Plasma treatment definitely helps in reducing skin pigmentation, laxity, and wrinkles.

Is plasma lift safe?

Plasma lift treatment is relatively safe.

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