PRF Under Eye Treatment Helps You to Look Younger

Prf under eye treatment is the procedure of injecting the Platelet-rich Fibrin under the skin below the eye to increase youthful appearance. It helps reduce signs of aging and dark circles below the eyes. It’s 100% natural.

PRF under eye treatment
PRF under eye treatment effects in a lady

Who Should Go For PRF Under Eye Treatment?

PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) under-eye treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that increases the power of your body’s natural healing capabilities to address a few concerns related to the delicate under-eye area.

This treatment is suitable for individuals looking to improve the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, and overall skin texture in this area. While PRF under-eye treatment can benefit a broad spectrum of people, there are specific groups who may find it particularly appealing.

  1. Individuals dealing with chronic under-eye bags and dark circles caused by genetics or aging may consider PRF treatment as an option. The platelet-rich fibrin promotes collagen formation and stimulates cells for better skin tone and texture.
  2. Those who prefer non-invasive, natural treatments and wish to avoid surgical interventions might opt for PRF under-eye treatment. It involves drawing a small amount of your blood, processing it, and injecting the PRF into the under-eye area. This minimizes the risk of allergic reactions or other adverse effects associated with synthetic fillers.
  3. Anyone seeking a gradual and subtle enhancement rather than a dramatic transformation may find PRF under-eye treatment. Results are typically more natural-looking and become increasingly noticeable over time.

PRF under-eye treatment is a versatile solution for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their under-eye area, offering a non-surgical, natural, and gradual approach to enhancing their overall appearance.

Who Performs PRF Under Eye Treatment?

PRF under eye treatment is done by highly qualified and experienced dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Preparation Before The Treatment

  • Discuss the whole procedure, Pros and Cons with your doctor before treatment.
  • Drink enough water or liquids before treatment.
  • Stop Blood-thinning medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, warfarin, and heparin 1-2 days before treatment.
  • Use natural supplements like arnica and bromelain to reduce post-treatment swelling. Use Tylenol for pain management.
  • Stop Alcohol consumption at least 1 day before treatment.

The procedure of PRF Under Eye Treatment:

The Actual Procedure :


The Healthcare professional or doctor draws a small quantity of blood from a patient through a peripheral vein. Then he runs that blood in a centrifuge machine at a slow speed to concentrate the PRF (platelet-rich fibrin). this concentrated PRF is injected back into the patient’s under-eye skin.

Changes in Under-eye Skin After The PRF Injection

After the PRF under-eye treatment following changes are seen in under-eye skin-

  1. The injected PRF starts repairing collagen and elastin. It causes an increase in skin elasticity and plumps up the under-eye skin giving a more youthful appearance.
  2. New blood vessels are formed giving a healthy glow by supplying more nutrients through blood.
  3. Improvement in skin metabolism is seen causing fast clearance of toxins and pigments from under-eye skin.

Care After PRF Under Eye Treatment:

Do not touch or rub the treated area i.e. under-eye skin for 4 to 6 hours. Avoid any aggressive physical activity for the day of a procedure. Other than this no special care is required unless there are minor side effects like redness or burning.

PRF Vs Fillers

PRF is a 100% natural choice. It shows slow but safe and long-standing results.

Fillers are synthetic materials. It shows quick results. It’s not natural.


PRP is platelet-rich plasma. PRF is platelet-rich fibrin which contains more concentrated and higher-quality platelets than PRP. For detailed information about PRP, you can click here on the official website of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

How Many Cycles of PRF Under Eye Treatment Required?

The number of cycles of PRF under eye treatment depends upon the patient’s age and aesthetic goals. But usually on average 3 to 5 cycles 4-6 weeks apart are required to see sufficient results. The results are seen up to 6 to 12 months. Additional cycles can be taken up by patients after years.

When Can You See the Full Result?

You can see the full result just after treatment. But the collagen formation can continue for a few weeks showing better outcomes with time.

Benefits of PRF Under Eye Treatment

Sr. No.Benefits of PRF Under Eye Treatment
1Under-eye skin tightening
2Looks younger for a longer time.
3Removes dark circles.
4Reduce Pigmentation.
5Reduces hollowness under the eye.
6Enhances natural recovery of the skin.

Side Effects of PRF Under Eye Treatment

There are minor, rare, and self-limiting side effects of PRF under eye treatments like Pain, Redness, bruising, numbness, swelling, and infection.

Cost of PRF Under Eye Treatment

The cost of prf Under I treatment for a cycle is between $500 to $2000 depending upon the factors like age of the patient, the experience of the doctor, and the hospital where the treatment is available.

Some Common Doubts:

Does PRF under eyes work?

Yes, PRF under-eye rejuvenation is a 100% natural, safe, and effective procedure.

Is PRF under-eye better than fillers?

PRF under-eye is better than fillers because it’s 100% natural, safe, and long-lasting.

How much is PRF under eye treatment?

PRF under eye rejuvenation treatment costs around $500-$2000 per cycle in the United States. A total 3 to 5 cycles are required to see optimum results.

What are the causes of dark circles under the eyes?

Excessive pigmentation, skin wrinkles, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and stress are some of the important causes of dark circles under the eyes.

How much blood is needed for PRF under eye treatment?

30-60 ml of blood needed to be withdrawn from the patient’s body for a single cycle of PRF under-eye treatment.

What are other facial skin treatments to look younger?

Jet plasma treatment and Fibroblast Skin Treatment are some of the most popular therapies for facial skin to look younger.

Does PRF treatment help in reducing acne or pimples?

PRF is not a sure way for Acne prevention. For detailed articles about the tips for acne prevention, you can click here.

Does PRF work for dark circles?

PRF treatment helps in reducing dark circles under the eye.

Is PRF painful?

Prf treatment includes injecting platelet-reach fibrin into the skin under the eye with a needle and syringe. Hence PRF is mildly painful.

How long does PRF last?

The effect of PRF may last up to 1 year and even more with additional inter-mittant cycles.

What are the disadvantages of PRF?

There are no major disadvantages of PRF treatment except a few issues related to the handling of the blood products.

Are PRF results permanent?

PRF under eye treatment’s result lasts for 1 year.

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