Yellow Fever Vaccination In India

Guidelines for yellow fever vaccination in India are strictly followed. Yellow fever is one of the most lethal viral fever and it has a high potential to spread in an epidemic. Till now India is free from yellow fever. Hence foreign travelers from yellow fever-endemic countries are not permitted to enter India if they are not vaccinated. Indian citizens also have to be vaccinated before traveling to such countries.

Yellow Fever Vaccination In India

What Is Yellow Fever?

Definition: Yellow fever is a viral fever caused by arboviruses and transmitted by mosquito bites. 
  1. Symptoms and signs
    • Fever and Chills: Sudden onset of high fever is a hallmark symptom of yellow fever. Intense shivering and chills often accompany the fever.
    • Severe Myalgia and Headache: Aching muscles and Severe headaches, sometimes described as throbbing or pounding, can be prominent symptoms.
    • Joint and Back Pain: Joint pain, often referred to as arthralgia, is common in yellow fever cases. Pain in the lower back area is another common symptom.
    • Nausea, Vomiting, and Loss of Appetite: Feeling nauseous and vomiting are frequent symptoms during the initial stages of the disease. A decreased desire to eat is often reported.
    • Weakness and Fatigue: Patients often experience profound weakness and exhaustion.
    • Dark Urine: Dark-colored urine can be a sign of liver involvement and the breakdown of red blood cells.
    • Jaundice: As the disease progresses, yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice) may occur due to liver involvement.
    • Bleeding: Some severe cases may lead to bleeding, such as nosebleeds, bleeding gums, or even internal bleeding.
    • Delirium, Confusion, and seizures: In severe cases, patients might experience confusion, irritability, delirium, and convulsions.
    • Multi-Organ Failure and DEATH: In the most severe cases, yellow fever can progress to multiple organ failure, which can be life-threatening.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment
    • Diagnosis: Yellow fever is very difficult to diagnose. It has overlapping symptoms like Leptospirosis, malaria, viral hepatitis, and dengue which are more prevalent in India. Tests like PCR, ELISA, and PRNT are helpful for diagnosis.
    • Treatment: There is no specific treatment for yellow fever. Treatment is supportive only and depends upon clinical meni-infestations and the condition of the patient. Relief from fever, and myalgia, correcting dehydration, and prevention of liver and kidney failure are the mainstay of the treatment.


Vaccination is the only effective way of prevention from yellow fever disease.
Only single dose of vaccine is required for lifetime immunity.
Everybody above the age of 9 months can be vaccinated except pregnant and immunodeficient.

Why its important to take vaccine?

The vaccine offers almost 99% protection against yellow fever within 1 month of vaccination.

Yellow Fever Vaccination In India

It is a sub-cutaneous 0.5ml single dose vaccine costing approximately 300/- in India. It’s given only at government-authorized centers by appointment. (Refer list below)

Centers For Yellow Fever Vaccination In India

Vaccination Centers In Delhi
1. Airport Health Organisation, New Delhi
Code : YFVC-007/APD
Address: Airport Health Organization, Delhi (APHO, DELHI),
Near Radisson Hotel Mahipalpur,
opp. The Toll Barrier & AAI Complex on Approach Road,
from Radisson Hotel to Terminal- 3, IGI Airport, New Delhi-110037
Tel: 011 25652129

2. Armed Force Clinic, New Delhi
Code : YFVC-008/AFC
Address: Dalhousie Road, New Delhi-110011
Tel: 011 23019405 (O)

3. Public Health Lab Building, Delhi
Code : YFVC-009/PHL
Address: Near Gate 3, Vidhan Sabha Metro Station,
Tel: 011 23972058

4. Dr. RML Hospital, New Delhi
Code : YFVC-010/RML
Address: Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre,
Tel: 011 23404286

5. Health Department, International Inoculation Centre,
New Delhi
Code : YFVC-011/HDI
Address: International Inoculation Centre,
New Delhi Municipal Council, Mandir Marg, Adjacent to St.
Thomas School New Delhi – 110001
Tel: 011-23362284

6. Commandant, Base Hospital, Delhi
Code : YFVC-012/CBH
Address: Commandant, Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt., Delhi-10
Tel: 011-23337008
Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers In Mumbai and Maharashtra
1. Airport Health Organization, Mumbai
Code : YFVC-031/AHM
Address: Airport Health Organization C.S.I.,
Andheri East, Mumbai 400099
Tel: 022 28392429

2. Port Health Organization, Mumbai
Code : YFVC-032/PHM
Address: Seamen’s Medical Examination Organisation
& Yellow Fever Vaccination Center,
Nav Bhavan Building, Ramjbhai Kamani Marg,
Ballard Estate, Mumbai-400001
Tel : 022-22612256 (Centre) 022-22020027(Office)

3. Station Health Organisation (Navy), Old Navy Nagar Colaba
Code : YFVC-033/SHO
Address: Station Health Organisation (Navy),
Old Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai-400005
Tel: 02222152080 (O)

4. Grant Medical College & JJ Hospital Bykulla, Mumbai
Code : YFCV-034/GMC
Tel: 022 23735555

5. Family Welfare & Research Centre, Mumbai
Code: YFWC-035?FWT
Address: Khetwadi, Mumbai 400004
Tel: 022 23881724

6. B.J. Govt. Medical College (BJMC), Pune
Code : YFVC-036/BJM
Address: Jai Prakash Narayan Road, Near Pune Railway Station,
Pune, Maharashtra 411001 Tel: 020- 26102201

7. Daga Memorial Government Women Hospital, Nagpur
Code: YFVC-037/DMG Near Agrasen Chowk, Gandhi bagh,
Nagpur, Maharashtra 411001

8. K. E. M. Hospital and Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai
Code: YFVC-038/KEM Yellow fever vaccination center,
KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 400012 Tel: 022-24107319

(Click above for Centres of Yellow Fever Vaccination In India)

What are countries with Endemic yellow fever?

The government of India recognizes the following countries as high risk for yellow fever transmission.

African CountriesAmerican Countries
Benin, Burundi, Burkina FasoBolivia, Brazil
Cameroon, Congo, Chad,
Cetral African Republic,
Cote d’Ivoire
Democratic Republic of CongoEcuador
Equatorial Guinea, EthiopiaFrench Guyana
Gabon, Ghana, Guinea,
Guinea Bissau, The Gambia
Mali, MauritaniaParaguay
Niger, NigeriaSurinam
Senegal, Sierra Leone,
South Sudan, Sudan
(Yellow fever Endemic Countries)

Important Points about Vaccine:

  • Every vaccinee is provided a valid yellow fever vaccination card after vaccination which is valid for a lifetime.
  • Only vaccine given by government-authorized centers of India or by WHO is valid for Indian citizens.
  • The certificate is considered for traveling only after 10 days of vaccination.

Documents required for vaccination

  • Passport
  • Immunization card (Children)
  • Medical / Treatment card (Elderly and with chronic diseases)
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Is the yellow fever vaccine available in India?

Yes. Yellow fever vaccine is available in government-authorized vaccination centers in India. (You can refer above text for a list of centers)

Which brand of yellow fever vaccine is available in India?

Its Stamaril brand is used for Yellow Fever Vaccination In India.

At what month yellow fever vaccine is given?

Anybody above 9 months of age can receive a yellow fever vaccine.

How many days before the yellow fever vaccine is required?

Yellow fever vaccine has to be taken at least 10 days before traveling to endemic countries.

In which arm yellow fever vaccine is given?

0.5 ml of Yellow fever vaccine is given in the upper arm subcutaneously.

Where i can get the yellow fever vaccine?

You can get it at certain government-authorized centers for Yellow Fever Vaccination In India.

Who can not take the yellow fever vaccine?

Children less than 9 months old, immuno-compromised, and pregnant ladies can not take yellow fever vaccine.

What is the cost of the yellow fever vaccine in India?

A single dose costs around 300 INR.

Is the yellow fever vaccine compulsory?

Yes, It’s Compulsory for travelers to YF-endemic countries. It’s also compulsory for the citizens of YF endemic countries if they travel to non-endemic countries like India.

What is yellow fever?

Yellow fever is viral fever spread by mosquito bites.

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