Best Milk Powder For Newborn Baby

best milk powder for newborn baby

Choosing the best milk powder for newborn baby is pivotal for his early growth and development. Optimal nutrition during this stage sets the foundation for lifelong health. When selecting milk powder, key considerations include nutritional composition, potential allergies, and the baby’s specific requirements. A balanced approach to these factors ensures the baby’s well-being and proper … Read more

Yellow Fever Vaccination In India

Yellow Fever Vaccination In India

Guidelines for yellow fever vaccination in India are strictly followed. Because yellow fever is one of the most lethal viral fever having high potential to spread in epidemic. Till now India is free from yellow fever. Hence foreign travelers from yellow fever endemic countries are not permitted to enter in India if they are not … Read more

Stuffy Nose In Newborn

Stuffy nose in newborn

Stuffy Nose In Newborn is a common issue in early infancy faced by parents in their babies. Our expert team’s research article will help you understanding causes, effects and the relief from the discomfort. The aim is to provide insights about all aspects by offering knowledge. Parents will find practical advice to ease their newborn’s … Read more

Gastric Acid Reflux Drugs Causing Memory Loss? | New Study Report

Gastric Acid Reflex Drugs Causing Dementia

In Gastric Acid Reflux, the acid from stomach flows into the esophagus. The Newly published research paper in the Medical Journal of AAN (American Academy of Neurology) shows that the risk of memory loss (Dementia) increases in the people taking PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) for more than 4.5 years. The New study demonstrates the strong … Read more

What Are 10 Best Protein Powder For Kids?

Best Protein Powder For Kids

Use of Best protein powder for kids is very important to attain optimal growth and development in the childhood. Because most of the time protein requirement from the natural food sources is not fulfilled resulting in hampering overall growth. Our highly qualified and experienced team of healthcare professionals will give you through knowledge about the … Read more

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